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A David vs Goliath Pizza War Erupts In Thornhill

Photo: Dante's Pizza Vino Pasta/Yelp

Eater's Pizza Week may be over but a pizza war in Thornhill has only just begun. Dante Paoletti, founder/manager of Dante's Pizza Vino Pasta, a pizza institution in the cities' north end for more than four decades, has been shown the door and he vows revenge: "I'm not laying down for this. I'm going to fight them with everything I have." Unfortunately for Paoletti, besides opening a new spot nearby – which is in the plans – he doesn't seem to have much legal ground on which to stand. The CDDC Hospitality Group is the rightful owner of the popular restaurant, having saved Dante's from bankruptcy in 2006, as reported by the Toronto Star. Two days after his contract was terminated Paoletti took to Facebook, "claiming there had been a 'corporate takeover,' and that the 'current individuals occupying" the pizzeria 'do not reflect the views of Dante and his family.'" The CDDC Hospitality Group has denied the charges.
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Dante’s Pizza Vino Pasta

8707 Dufferin St, Vaughan, ON L4J 0A2, Canada