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Scaffolding Falls During Condo Construction; Castle For Sale

Photo via Twitter/@liveeyeguy

Curbed Toronto readers, we need your help! Next week, all of the Curbed sites will be exploring the wonderful world of hotels for a special theme week. Seen a jaw-dropping hotel penthouse? Have a favourite hotel bathroom, lobby or kick-ass swimming pool? Are there particular hotels you always recommend to friends and family visiting from out of town? Hit up the tipline at

ON THE MARKETHey now, there's a castle for sale and it's only $1.75 million, the price of a detached home in the Annex. It's no Casa Loma but The Ravenscliffe Castle in Hamilton, built in 1881, spans 11,000 square feet with eight bedrooms and six bathrooms. It's a good deal. The castle was originally priced at $3 million. You could also purchase this much smaller Manhattan style loft for sale for $1.3 million.

ENTERTAINMENT DISTRICTFour storeys of massive scaffolding fell during construction of the Tableau Condos near Richmond and Peter Streets. The streets were closed for hours and the back of a taxicab window was smashed. How safe is our condo buildings in the city? After glass falling from the Trump Tower in the fall, we might require a hard hat to walk downtown. As one Tweeter responded: Falling glass from condos is old news.

IN THE NEWSToronto is set to get a new $60 million dollar year-round water park. Developer MarbleLIVE, says the new 100,000 square-foot indoor and outdoor water park would include sandy beaches, wave pools, cabanas, restaurants, a lazy river, vendors, and live entertainment. The news is getting mixed response, Torontonians questioning why we need a year-round splash pad when no one wants to go outside during an ice storm. The park does not yet have a location, officials have narrowed it down to three potential spots in Toronto or Mississauga.

IRISH— This week we celebrated St. Patrick's Day with green beer and some gaudy green-looking houses. The Corktown neighbourhood is aging like a fine whiskey, see what's happening in the area. Ireland Park near the waterfront should have been a good Irish site, instead it's been blocked by construction.