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Raptors Fans Say: "Stop The Pizza"

Photo: Pizza Pizza + Stop The Pizza

A group of Toronto Raptors fans are all fired up, but this time it's not about the team's performance: It's about pizza – specifically, a time-honoured Pizza Pizza promotion that awards fans with a free slice whenever the Raptors win their home games with 100 or more points. And they've started a petition to "Stop The Pizza" that has, so far, received more than 350 signatures. Stop the pizza? During Pizza Week? What's so awful about free pizza? Well, it seems that some hangry fans want the free slice so badly, they boo the Raptors if their win doesn't topple the required 100 points. One supporter on the Stop The Pizza petition states it plain: "Ridiculous promo. Does not reward the players for their overall effort. Free food + entertainment don't go together. Give the free pizza to a shelter or donate the money." This is where the campaign veers a bit off-course. Pizza Pizza is no stranger to charitable acts so instead of pointing the finger at them – at pizza – the petition should find a way to shame the booing fans into silence. Maybe anyone who boos has to eat a millet burger. Stop The Pizza? No way. Never.

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