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Calzone Power Hour: Vesuvio Pizzeria & Spaghetti House

Photo: Amanda Scriver

Welcome to the Calzone Power Hour. In celebration of the famed pizza pocket (also referred to as a "panzarotti") to produce the Internet's greatest sixty minutes of all time, local food adventurer (and Food Editor for Toronto Is Awesome) Amanda Scriver went on a calzone-eating rampage across the 416 and wrote up her findings. Watch for a post every fifteen minutes; keep track of Scriver's greasy fingers rating method (1 greasy finger = not so great, 5 = stupendous); and check out the 4pm post that will feature links to all the reviews and an interview with the intrepid pizza pocketer herself. Wet-Nap your fingers: it's time to start the Calzone Power Hour!

First Stop: Vesuvio Pizzeria & Spaghetti House. I saddle myself up to the take-out counter space (sit-down restaurant on the other side), where I have a chat with the counter girl. On the menu: One pepperoni and mushroom panzarotti ($6.00). She tells me: "Our panzos are baked and then fried. That gives them the taste that they have." I nervously await the goods handed to me in an unmarked brown paper bag (sauce an extra $2.00). Cautious about what grease may await me (and what toppings may slide out), the first bite was panzarotti Heaven: Soft delicious dough packed with classic toppings. I jammed that baby in as much tomato sauce as I possibly could like I was Michael Jordan going in for a dunk. Rating: 3 greasy fingers. — Amanda Scriver
Check back at 3:15pm to see where Amanda goes next.

Vesuvio Pizzeria and Spaghetti House

3010 Dundas St. West Toronto, ON. M6P 1Z3