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Calzone Power Hour: Bitondo's Pizzeria

[Photos: Amanda Scriver]

Welcome to the second stop on the Calzone Power Hour. In celebration of the famed pizza pocket, local food adventurer (and Food Editor for Toronto Is Awesome) Amanda Scriver went on a calzone-eating rampage across the 416 and wrote up her findings. Watch for a post every fifteen minutes; keep track of Scriver's greasy fingers rating method (1 greasy finger = not so great, 5 = stupendous); and check out the 4pm post that will feature links to all the reviews and an interview with the intrepid pizza pocketer herself. The Calzone Power Hour powers on:


Second Stop: Bitondo's Pizzeria. Described to me as "the most legendary panzarotti you will have" by Chef Matt Dean Petitt (Rock Lobster Food Co.), this was a spot not to be missed. A friend decided to join me on this leg of the Calzone Coma tour, and a counter attendant fills us in: "All the panzarottis are pre-made with cheese and tomato sauce and fried. It's our top-seller." For $6.00 a pop, it's a no-brainer why Bitondo's is so legendary. The dough is similar to a light pastry and oozes with cheese. Panzos can be made on-site to order with different toppings, but expect to wait between 10-15 minutes. Note to all: this place is cash only so, if you want those thick and juicy panzarotti goods, you better have that cash in hand. Rating: 4.5 greasy fingers. — Amanda Scriver
Two down, two to go. Check back at 3:30pm to see where Amanda goes next.

Bitondo's Pizzeria

11 Clinton St, Toronto, ON M6J 2P1, Canada