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Calzone Power Hour: Frank's Pizza House

Photo Pizza Spotz

Welcome to the final stop on the Calzone Power Hour. In celebration of the famed pizza pocket, local food adventurer (and Food Editor for Toronto Is Awesome) Amanda Scriver went on a calzone-eating rampage across the 416 and wrote up her findings. Keep track of Scriver's greasy fingers rating method (1 greasy finger = not so great, 5 = stupendous); and check out the 4pm post that will feature links to all the reviews, more suggestions, and an interview with the intrepid pizza pocketer herself. The Calzone Power Hour revs up for one more:

[Photo: Amanda Scriver]

Fourth Stop: Frank's Pizza House. Found in Corsa Italia, this place prides itself on being known for its calzones. BlogTO, Now Magazine, and Eater have put it at the top of their lists so I have to find out if it really stacks up. Our waitress tells us that typically the calzones ($8) are baked or fried. We have ours baked and served up two ways: pineapple and ham, while the other calzone is fitted with goat cheese, roasted red pepper and sausage. The dough is nice and thin but doesn't contain enough toppings, which kind of leaves us disappointed. Our friend who got the goat cheese one seems to be loving her combo (which was the suggestion of the restaurant), so it is hard to say if we just got a bad 'zone or what. Rating: 2 greasy fingers. — Amanda Scriver
Wait, it's not over! Check back at 4pm for the stunning conclusion of the Calzone Power Hour.

Frank's Pizza House

1352 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON M6E 1C4, Canada