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Kitchen Battle Tonight; Ursa's New Menu

RONCESVALLES - Extra Butter, a new café in the west end, opened its doors last week and BlogTO is all over it. [Via @blogTO]

KENSINGTON MARKET - A tragic three-alarm fire above two Korean restaurants on St. Andrew street has left two dead and many others homeless. By the looks of it, the restaurants below - Ka Chi and Jang Soo Yong - will be closed for some time. [Eaterwire]

DUNDAS WEST - 3030 Dundas presents Kitchen Battle tonight. Check out the menu here. [Via @3030DundasWest]

QUEEN WEST - Spring must be springing because Ursa has just released a new menu. [Via @ursarestaurant]
[Photo: 3030 Dundas West/Website]