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The Pizza Theme Song Countdown

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It's Pizza Week here at Eater and there's no better way to get started than with a few tunes to get the pizza party going. As it stands, it's the big chains that pump out the hits which makes us think that it's about time indie bands and pizza places band together to usher in a new school of jingles. While we wait for those to appear, here's our top three.

Ontario chain Pizza Pizza may not make the most refined varieties but since they launched in 1967, their marketing know-how – hammering their phone number into the collective consciousness with a variety of popular jingles – innovations in heated delivery bags, and 30 minutes-or-free delivery services made them heroes in the pizza trade. And one thing they always got right: Toronto loves pizza. It was true then, and it's true now.

Pizza Nova's theme song inspires such confidence and good feeling that the chain should hire the Toronto Symphony Orchestra to play it live in full arrangement, with Steven Page on lead vocals.

Rich Little, Canada's "man of a thousand voices," lent his pipes to a Pizza Hut theme song back in the 80s that describes the most romantic and friendly dining experience that there's no choice but to bop your head and dream of pizza. As an aside, it also feels like it could have been included on The Littlest Hobo soundtrack.