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Food Truck Threatens to Shutter; Game of Thrones Dinner

MEALS ON WHEELS— Apparently food truck The Feisty Jack will shutter if the new Toronto street food regulations pass in their current form. Catch up on the whole story here. [BlogTO]

OSSINGTON—Butcher Côte de Boeuf will host an epic multi-course meal inspired by HBO show Game of Thrones. Expect "old-timey" fare to be served in the three starters, six feasting platters, three desserts, and "sufficient alcoholic beverages to last the whole evening." Tickets are $175 a head. [Toronto Life]

ADRIA WIREFerran Adria spoke in Toronto earlier this week. Here's an interview about "decoding" food, misconceptions, and the chef's legacy. Adria talked to Eater as well. [Toronto Life]