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Samuel Adams' Most Expensive Beer Can Ever

Photo: Samuel Adams/Website

The Toronto Standard has released their first article in months, and it's a big whopping advertisement for Samuel Adams beer, but more so for the can that will house the brew. The article breaks down the "one-of-a-kind beer drinking experience" the can provides, the result of a couple years of research and "a million dollars in ergonomic and sensory testing." The findings revealed that "the position of the can's opening and a wider lid would instinctually lead the drinker to open up their mouth, allowing for greater air flow and positioning of the drinker's nose closer to the hop aromas of the beer." And the "extended, curved lip of the can helped deliver the beer to the front of the palate to maximize the early enjoyment of the malt sweetness." For the five extreme beer aficionados who pay attention to this kind of thing, today is the beginning of a new reality.
· Via @dtopping
· Revolutionizing the Beer Drinking Experience with the Sam Can [Toronto Standard]