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Canadaland To Foodies: Why Food Trends Are For Idiots

Photo: Canadaland/Website

In his latest Canadaland podcast, Toronto-based broadcaster-provocateur Jesse Brown asks The Black Hoof's Jen Agg some essential questions: "Why did everyone suddenly get all into food? Are food trends just for idiots? Is food culture sexist? Do chefs all think they're rock stars? Is the Internet better at choosing restaurants than food critics?" On the male dominated field, Agg – whose empire now includes Rhum Corner, a Haitian restaurant next door to the Hoof – admits some of her male staff have had problems taking orders from a woman, but adds: "There's a really interesting dichotomy of this, like, incredibly brutal masculine, to the point of, like, ridiculous, military hierarchical environment slash ballet. I understand why people are fascinated by it." Then they get into Douchegate; that time when Agg tweeted about annoying customers at the Hoof and, somehow, it made national news.
· Why Food Trends are for Idiots [Canadaland]

Rhum Corner

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The Black Hoof

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The Black Hoof

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