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Toronto's New Café With A Country Kick

It may seem ridiculous – because it is ridiculous – but Toronto now has a cowboy-themed coffee shop that serves artisanal java, one outlaw at a time. The Coffee Bar picks up on the country craze that has lassoed the 416 back to wholesome line dancing and macho mechanical bull riding, with cowboy hat-wearing baristas and a rodeo/saloon design. If the café was a person, BlogTO says it "would be Shania Twan," a description that begs a slew of follow-up questions. Gimmicks aside, the Velvet Sunrise beans are said to produce a solid cup, and with sandwiches and snacks (vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free cowboys can eat here too), free Wi-Fi, and a meeting space upstairs, Front Street has a new outpost for prospectors on the hunt for the next coffee rush.
· The Coffee Bar [BlogTO]
[The Coffee Bar's first customer gets a warm cowboy welcome. Photo: The Coffee Bar]

The Coffee Bar

346 Front St W Toronto, ON M5V, Canada