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Anthony Rose's Fat Pasha Takes Over Indian Rice Factory

Photo: Anthony Rose

Eater has confirmed that Anthony Rose and his business team will open Fat Pasha, an Israeli-themed restaurant, in the former Indian Rice Factory on Dupont Street, slated to open in the spring. The Turkish word "pasha" roughly translates to Lord, King, or Uncle – indicative of a man of status – but the restaurant will be for everyone.

Leasing the "super beautiful building" from the Patel family, the third of Rose's restaurants will feature "stupid simple design" with fifty-plus seats in the dining room, a private room for 20-24 in the coach house with its own cocktail program, and a capacity for another 60-70 on the patio. Rose will craft the rustic Middle Eastern menu with Chris Sanderson, chef at Rose and Sons and Big Crow, and Rob Wilder – Rose's close associate and the man he credits for making this deal happen – to bring their take on "everything that goes on in that part of the world's cuisine." Kathleen Shattock, formerly of Momofuku, has come on board to manage.

Citing friend and chef Yotam Ottolenghi as a culinary inspiration, Rose is excited to launch another restaurant on Dupont: "I grew up at Avenue and Eglinton so this is really central for me. I loved People's and Indian Rice Factory. Dupont is a really good place, easy to get around. It's an underused strip." Not anymore.

Big Crow

176 Dupont Street, Toronto, Ontario M5R 2E6 647-748-3287

Fat Pasha

414 Dupont St, Toronto, Ontario M5R 1V9 (647) 340-6142 Visit Website