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Rock Lobster's Matt Pettit Pushes Lobster Poutine

Photo: Rock Lobster Food Co.

Nothing says Monday morning more than a honkin' plate of muddy brown, sticky, oozing poutine. Not really, but that didn't stop Breakfast Television hosts and Rock Lobster Food Co. and Boots 'n Bourbon's Matt Pettit from blasting through a few recipes earlier this morning – including Lobster poutine – to celebrate La Poutine Week, on now at various restaurants through to Friday. Packing history and cooking lessons of Québec's famous gravy-licious export with odd references to facials, the introduction of a horseradish mayo bump, and high-octane promotion, the clip will leave viewers out-of-breath and seriously hungry for gourmet poutine - or making a mad dash for a salad.

Rock Lobster Food Co.

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