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Grant Van Gameren; Rene Redzepi; I Dream Of Pizza

Follow Friday is a new series that picks one notable person on Twitter and Instagram, plus a blog, that should be followed for one great reason or another.

From left to right: Grant Van Gameren and Rene Redzepi [Photo: Roots/Facebook and Instagram]

Twitter: Grant Van Gameren Besides running one of the countries' top restaurants, chef Grant Van Gameren is now the face of a Roots ad campaign. Follow him at @GrantvanGameren.

Instagram: Rene Redzepi. The Noma mastermind has only posted 90 photos but already it looks like a Phaidon coffee-table book in the making. The beauty in each shot – even the salami penises – will help ward off the doldrums brought on by the polar vortex. Follow him at @reneredzepinoma .

Blog: I Dream Of Pizza. In anticipation of Eater's upcoming Pizza Week 2014 (click here to help us with that), dig into a deep-dishing blog that celebrates everything pizza. In blog founder Jason Feirman's own words: "Some guys dream about winning the Powerball jackpot, making love to Kate Upton, or scoring the winning touchdown in the Super Bowl. But personally, I spend most of my time dreaming about digging my face into a mouth watering slice of pizza." That kind of dedication deserves a readership. Check it out here.

Do you have a favourite food follow on Twitter or Instagram? How about your top food blogs? Tell us in the comments or email Your pick could end up in Follow Friday.