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Does Toronto Need A 4am Last Call To Be World Class?

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Photo: Extend Last Call/Website

Is Toronto a world-class city? Extend Last Call, a local activist group doesn't think so, but if drinking hours are pushed to 4am, Toronto could extend the party, stimulate economic growth, and as campaign supporter/journalist/blogger Adam McDowell suggests, "fix its ho-hum image with a conspicuous pro-fun policy." In doing so, the city would join New York City, Chicago, Las Vegas, Shanghai, and Berlin in world classy late-night revelry, eliminating the need for illegal and unregulated after-hours clubs. The group hopes the campaign will gain enough traction to become a major issue in October's mayoral election. If only the city had a mayor that fought for his right to party. Oh, wait a minute.

Do you think this is a good idea? If drinking hours were extended, would you stay out later? If you work in the industry, would you want to work longer shifts? Give us your comments here or tweet at us @EaterToronto with the hashtag #TO4am.

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