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Canadian Chef's Congress Puts An End To Winter

Photo: Hamish Grant Photography

It's almost (well, kind of) that time the food world begins its seasonal transition into spring. In honour of this much needed switch the Canadian Chef's Congress will host the Spring Thaw – a culinary event and fundraiser celebrating the arrival of a new growing season. On March 31st, twenty of Canada's leading chefs will descend upon Palais Royale to cook up their finest spring-themed dishes showcasing only the finest Ontario produce.

The Canadian Chef's Congress was founded by Chef Michael Stadtländer and aims to connect chefs to their land, farmers, and fishers etc. to uphold the integrity of the Canadian food culture. Chefs from some of Toronto's most loved restaurants will partake in the evening, including the likes of Paul Boehmer, Geoff Hopgood, Jamie Kennedy, and Anthony Rose. For tickets go here.

Palais Royale

1601 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto, ON M6K 3C1, Canada