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Lee Gets Luckee And Renews King Street Location

Photo: Brent Herrig

A message to Susur Lee fanatics: Brace yourselves. Luckee, the Master Chef's first foray into Chinese dim sum at the Soho Metropolitan Hotel on Wellington St., is set for a soft opening this weekend for friends and family. The menu is still being tweaked so the local culinary legend isn't sharing any dish descriptions yet, but sources say the secret menu makes his eyes light up with excitement. Back up on King St. West, the eponymous Lee will unveil a whole new look in mid-March. After years of the same format, the team has decided to restructure the bar, revamp the cocktail and wine lists, and add some seasonal dishes to the menu with a focus on healthy, local, and fresh ingredients. Menu sneak peak includes a quinoa risotto with wild porcini mushrooms and winter black truffles. Lee's Twitter is emphatic that they are not closed during the renovations. One would think all this action would be enough but not for Lee: Amidst the hubbub, he continues to plot his new New York City takeover in the China Center.


328 Wellington Street West Toronto, Ontario, M5V 3T4, CANADA