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Ici Bistro To Move To Windsor Arms; Order Off The Menu

THE ANNEX - Jean-Pierre Challet, head chef and owner of Ici Bistro at the corner of Manning and Harbord, is moving his restaurant into The Windsor Arms boutique hotel in April, as reported by James Chatto. The celebrated chef plans to expand his capacity to 40 seats but everything else - from the staff, his food philosophy, and reasonable prices - will stay the same. For now, he plans to hold onto the space at Manning and Harbord. Challet will also partner with Windsor Arms developer George Friedmann to open a bakery in the old market across from the City TV building at Queen and John St. Expect an overabundance of quiches, fruits pies, and tarts. []

CITY WIDE - A secret is best kept a secret but now that BlogTO has blabbed, everyone can now order off the menu at select restaurants around the GTA. From covert pies at Enzo Pizza Bar to the off-menu Big Boi Mac at The County General, it's all in the family now. But shhhh, keep it a secret. [BlogTO]
[Photo: Ici Bistro/Yelp]