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D.W. Alexander: A Drink And A Snack With The Past

Photo: D.W. Alexander

On March 6th, the city turns 180 years old, and a new bar opens to celebrate sophisticated imbibing and local history in Old Town Toronto. D.W. Alexander, formerly The Foundation Room, will feature premium cocktails designed by Aaron Beaudouin and an all-local snack bar menu crafted by executive chef Sean Simons. Owner Jamil Kamal has named his upscale watering hole after the building's original tenant who was Western Canada's largest sole-leather trader and, though the space has been given modern touches by The Design Agency and Box General – with custom lighting by Milke Bau Lighting Design – the aim is to draw inspiration from the past, right down to the library filled with ancient books and curio inspired by the city, its history, and the building.

D.W. Alexander

19 Church Street, Toronto, ON, M5E 1V1