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Gold Medal Drinking; Croissunday!; The Cookbook Store Shuttered

CITY-WIDE – The puck drops on Canada's men's hockey's gold medal game this Sunday and, with Toronto's alcohol laws temporarily relaxed, bars across the city are ready for fans looking to get their drink on. Earls Kitchen And Bar on King St. boasts that they have "the best Caesars in town" and Tallboys on Bloor St. W. is taking reservations. And here's a bunch more places ready to serve. [via @earlskingst]

QUEEN-WEST – Sunday may be the men's gold medal game but as far as Nadège Patisserie is concerned, it's also Croissunday! Pastry chef Nadège Nourian and her team have been testing a slew of perverted croissants and this Sunday, the city gets to try them out. Some flavours include matcha green tea, praline and lemon, and Bellwood's Brewery's Baltic Porter. The full list and wicked pics can be found here. [The Grid]

YORKVILLEThe Cookbook Store has announced "with a heavy heart" that it will not find a new location when it is forced to move to make way for a condo development at the end of March. The news is a blow to chefs and food enthusiasts who have benefitted from its vast resources since it opened 31 years ago. Longtime manager Alison Fryer indicated they might throw a party to commemorate so many years in the business and "with so many chefs, it should be the best potluck of all time." A closing sale begins tomorrow. [The Grid]
[Photo: Nadège Patisserie/Yelp]