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February Restaurant Events; Chako Shut Down

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RONCESVALLESPost City continues with its spotlight on the city's best sandwiches, this time around showcasing the Cubano from La Cubana and Delux. [Post City]

EVENT PLANNING— There's never a shortage of food and restaurant events, and Toronto Life has a roundup of their picks for the best between now and March 4. Included is a 'limited edition' release of croissants from Nadege Patisserie, the Chef's Charity Almanac Dinner featuring six of the city's hottest chefs and a beer and cheese dinner at Indie Alehouse. [Toronto Life]

MAKING THE GRADE— This week in the world of BlogTO's DineSafe recap, the no red card streak comes to an end as Chako Barbeque Izakaya gets the hammer dropped on it and is shut down for "failure to prevent an insect infestation. Another six restaurants earn themselves yellow cards. [BlogTO]
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