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Jen Agg; Scott Vivian; Where Jess Ate

Follow Friday is a new series that picks one notable person on Twitter and Instagram, plus a Blog, that should be followed for one great reason or another.

Twitter: Jen Agg. The owner of Black Hoof, Cocktail Bar and Rhum Corner definitely has a potential career in comedy if this whole successful restaurateur thing doesn't work out. She's sarcastic and witty and her twitter feed is highly entertaining. Find out for yourself @theblackhoof

Instagram: Scott Vivian. The chef and co-owner of Beast Restaurant shows he's has great photography skills too with perfectly angled and filtered pictures. As a member of the Group of 7 Chefs, him and his chef buddies recently cooked up the likes of braised beef heart and gnocchi with octopus bolognese. Need we say more? Follow his musings @scottvivian

Blog: Where Jess Ate. If it serves food, odds are Jess has dined there. A Toronto transplant, by way of Vancouver, Jess gives honest reviews about both the most talked about eateries not only in Toronto but on her travels as well. She gets major bonus points for her blog being well organized, and having an alphabetical restaurant "list" of everywhere she has dined! Check it out here.

Do you have a favourite food follow on Twitter or Instagram? How about your top food blogs? Tell us in the comments or email Your pick could end up in Follow Friday.