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Po-Boys at Electric Mud's; Kimchi a Family Affair

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TORONTO - Today in DineSafe news, the city's health department continued its hot streak of no red cards, but still managed to hand out a fistful of yellow ones, eight in fact, with the lucky recipients including Pho 4 You, Future Bakery, Salsas and The Kitchen Table. [BlogTO]

PARKDALE - That New Orleans staple the po-boy gets the spotlight in Post City's continued profile of 'Toronto's Best Sandwiches,' this particular one being of the squid variety from Electric Mud BBQ. [Post City]

BEACONSFIELD VILLAGE - The Globe and Mail has an interesting little piece on the Han brothers, Leeto and Leemo, who opened up Korean restaurant Oddseoul early last year. Kimchi is the focus, with their mother Kim revealing her tricks ("pears, apples and kombu (kelp) water"), while her sons talk fermentation ("really funky" for stews and fried rice). [The Globe and Mail]