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Valentine's Day For The Lovers And The Fighters

For many, the pressure that Valentine's Day brings can be crushing. Thankfully, or not, restaurants everywhere are more than happy to assuage the stress and amplify that loving feeling. But just because Cupid wants everyone to feel the love more on the 14th doesn't necessarily mean it's going to work out that way. But it doesn't hurt to dream.

Forget traditional relationships. Luma, Oliver and Bonacini's upscale bistro on the second floor of TIFF Bell Lightbox, tips their hat to the polyamorous with "Group Love," a night of communal dining with groups of three or more. Couples looking to dine alone will not be seated on the 14th and 15th. It's not listed on the menu but a key party might follow dessert.

Looking for a great place to break it off? Guu, Don Don Izakaya, La Carnita, Grand Electric, Oddseoul, and Parts & Labour are all so loud; it's hard not to get disoriented at the best of times. Just pick the loudest, busiest restaurant and drop the bomb somewhere in between dessert and the bill: Any tears will be drowned out by the deafening party vibes.

For the solo diner on a budget, preferring to keep a low profile, a solid go-to on the 14th is Vesta Lunch. It's pretty much guaranteed that there will be space, it's open 24 hours, the menu is always easy to decipher, and diners will get the same amount of love dished out on the other 364 days of the year: Which is none.

Going to Medieval Times is equally radical and ridiculous at the best of times. But throw an epic love story into the mix and it could be what solidifies the relationship forever. Plus couples get entry into the dungeon which may be just what the doctor ordered.

For the high rollers, jump on a plane to NYC and eat a Beyoncé-themed Valentine's Day dinner at Brucie. Start off the meal with the "22 Days Vegan" appetizer, followed by the "Put A Ring On It" pasta, and round it off with the "Breastiny's Child" veal. Just might be the best thing you ever had.