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Sommeliers Debate Low Pay

Canadian wine guru, Zoltan Szabo, is tired of sommeliers not getting properly compensated for their expertise. Since he aired his frustrations on Twitter yesterday, the conversation has become equal parts activist rally, career counselling, and employment centre.

John Szabo, Canada's first Master Sommelier (unrelated to Zoltan), weighs in with what could be a tongue-in-cheek suggestion but, for many up-and-coming sommeliers, the unionizing question must be on their minds.

Maybe Erika Houde-Pearce will start getting signatures.

Or Rik Ocvirk, Director of Operations for the Distillery Restaurants Corporation, will offer everyone good jobs with solid pay. Either way, the issue isn't going away. Have you ever benefitted from a Sommelier's expertise? What do you think is a fair salary? Should they unionize? Let us know what you think. [Eaterwire]
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