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Matt DeMille at Drake; Momofuku Ko in T.O.

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ANNOUNCEMENT - The Drake Devonshire Inn has named Matt DeMille as their Head Chef, to begin making food magic this summer in their Prince Edward County kitchen. DeMille's resume is an exhaustive list of Toronto's finest restaurants - Enoteca Sociale, Parts and Labour, Le Select, the list goes on - and until he heads out of town, you can find him rubbing shoulders with his new family at Drake One Fifty. [Eaterwire]

CITY-WIDE - Post-holidays, everyone and their drunk uncle is on a juice cleanse, but the city of Toronto has taken it one step further: they've combined beet juice with rock salt to melt the mountains of ice that are plaguing city streets. Next thing you know, city workers will be wearing yoga pants on the job. [CTV]

ENTERTAINMENT DISTRICT - Chefs Sean Gray and Josh Pinsky from New York's Momofuku-Ko are coming to Shōtō on the 21st to cook a 12-course meal for two seatings of 22 people. Don't spend too much time pondering the $200 charge because when the scalpers get a whiff of this one, it'll be game over. Good luck getting a seat at the table. [The Grid]
[Photo Credit: Momofuku Ko]