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Drinking Games; And More Drinking Games

SOUTH ANNEX—Shots! Shots! Shots! Games! Games! Games! Snakes & Lagers, the older drunker brother to the all-ages Annex games café, Snakes and Lattes, opens tomorrow in the recently shuttered Smokeless Joe's spot on College St. [Toronto Life]

CITY-WIDE—The LCBO and Vintages sale has wines, spirits, and beer priced to sell. Save huge, drink lots, and be kind. [Eaterwire]

GALLERY DISTRICT—Just announced! The Sake Institute of Ontario invites everyone to 99 Sudbury on January 20th to explore the world of sake and beat the winter blues. Advance tickets are $30 on sale until January 13th. [via @KampaiToronto]
[Photo Credit: Snakes And Lagers/Facebook]