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Bachelor Canada Couple House Hunts in Toronto; And Kensington Market v. Loblaws

Photo via Minto

ON THE MARKET— Here's a crazy house listing for a $16M mansion in Rosedale. You'll want to check out the photos to believe it. There's also another mega mansion in Mississauga and here's a selling feature: actress Megan Fox has been inside the house. Here's why.

FRONT AND SPADINA A massive crazy development is threatening to transform the corner of Front Street and Spadina Avenue. The Well development which will be built at the current site of The Globe and Mail will house a mix of over two million square feet of commercial and residential space.

CELEBRITY REAL ESTATE— Remember Bachelor Canada couple, Brad Smith and Bianka Kamber? He gave her a rose, took her on a fantasy date to her hometown of Mississauga and six weeks later, proposed. The happy couple is still together and now house hunting in Toronto. Love is in the air.

KENSINGTON MARKET— The folks over in Kensington Market are pissed off this week after developer Tribute Communities confirmed a Loblaws will be moving in. The grocery chain will be taking up shop in the new College Condo retail space at College and Spadina. Residents have been petitioning against having any big box retailer near the market. As expected, they have a lot to say about this.

MISSISSAUGA— Last weekend, a mansion that went on auction ended up selling to a "mysterious buyer" for $6.2M. The mansion stirred up some unwanted negative publicity after the relator was accused of photoshopping the images. Check out the live and amusing tweets from the auction.

YONGE AND GERRARD— Even pop star Madonna is super excited about the Aura Condos, Canada's tallest residential building coming to College Park. Madonna will be coming to Toronto February 11 to promote her new gym, Hard Candy Fitness, located inside the building. Here's a video tour inside the condo.