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Kensington Market Will Soon Include Loblaws

News that Loblaws is coming to Kensington Market has the tight-knit community in an uproar. Critics fear the supermarket chain will overshadow the smaller shops that embody and define the market's bohemian spirit. But Steve Deveaux, VP of Land Development for Tribute Communities says the new location shouldn't be seen as a big-box store, rather "a community grocery store." Set to open on the second floor of Tribute Communities' 15-story condo at 297 College St. in 2016, Loblaws has more than enough time to make nice with the neighbourhood. But will the community be willing to listen?

Do you think Loblaws will change the Market? Throw your thoughts into the comments section.
· Loblaws is officially moving into Kensington Market [Toronto Life]
[Photo: Loblaws/Yelp]