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Greenhouse Juice Co. Is Here To Cleanse

Greenhouse Juice Co. launched less than a month ago and is the brainchild of seven Torontonian friends, whose day jobs range from yoga instructor to filmmakers. With six of the seven currently residing in New York and Los Angeles, the aim was to bring the juice bar craze taking over those cities to their hometown. The group hired a New York-based consultant to put together the menu, currently offering eight organic, cold pressed juices, with plans to expand into smoothies and edibles in time. Making an effort to source locally when possible, during the winter months, the team works closely with trusted international farmers to not compromise on quality.

Juices, such as the cold-pressed apple juice, start at $6 for 250ml. Try the Gold Rush, pineapple-cucumber-lemon-ginger. Cleanse packages start at $65/day and are available after a brief consultation. The fridges don't stay full long so calling in advance is strongly advised.
P.S. Diehard recycling types are encouraged to return their empties. Ten empty bottles gets the next 250ml juice on the house. — Hana Hussein
[Photo: Hana Hussein]

Greenhouse Juice Co.

5 Macpherson Avenue, Toronto, ON M5R 1W7, Canada