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Chef Eric Wood Gets Interactive With Chopped Canada

Chef <strong>Eric Wood</strong>, in the middle, shares a laugh with his staff at <strong>The Beverely Hotel</strong> <br>
Chef Eric Wood, in the middle, shares a laugh with his staff at The Beverely Hotel
Photo: The Beverley Hotel

This Thursday, food television will never taste so good. While Chopped Canada airs on the Food Network, one of this week's competitors, Eric Wood, executive chef at The Beverley Hotel, will host a viewing party at his restaurant. The best part, besides Wood's running commentary: While the judges judge, partygoers will get taster sizes of each dish he cooked up. Sworn to secrecy, he can only say that the menu will "include candy, fish, snack cake, pickle relish, graham crackers, and duck." Tasting in real time is the missing link to all food shows but, perhaps, a drinking game is also in order. Eater votes for a shot taken every time host Dean McDermott fiendishly raises his eyebrows. Wood hopes the event will catch on and become weekly. So far, he's invited his fellow competitors (all in the Toronto area) but hasn't heard back. They might be too busy sharpening their knives. Get all the details here.
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The Beverley Hotel