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Steak Queen Not The Most Royal Of Meals

Photo: Steak Queen/Yelp

Steak Queen, the privately owned greasy spoon, made famous by Rob Ford's lewd rant from earlier this week, has gotten its anticipated review. Predictably, Toronto Star's Amy Pataki goes on a left-wing media smear campaign that Ford Nation has come to expect: The chicken souvlaki is "light on flavour," the banquet burger is "rubbery," and the homemade barbecue sauce "tastes of flour paste and vinegar." Pataki attempts to be balanced, giving props to "decent onion rings" and - in what could be a first for a review - credits the diner for passing "every City of Toronto Health Department inspection since 2010." In short, the restaurant serves bland food but the tables are clean, and every once in awhile, sideshow mayor drops by to do standup and test his newest material. Steak Queen will be busy for years to come.
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Steak Queen

345 Rexdale Blvd Etobicoke, ON M9W 1R6