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Rebecca LeHeup; Rob Gentile; Well Preserved

Follow Friday is a new series that picks one notable person on Twitter and Instagram, plus a blog, that should be followed for one great reason or another.

[Photo: Well Preserved]

Twitter: Rebecca LeHeup. The Executive Director of the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance attends, or knows about, every food-related event in the province. And whether her job demands it or she's just the sharing type, her tweets keeps scrollers up to the minute. Follow her at @OntarioCulinary.

Instagram: Rob Gentile. Bar Buca opens in just over a week and chef Rob Gentile's Instagram gives the exclusive sneak peak into what's to come. Follow him at @robb_gentile.

Blog: Well Preserved. Dana and Joel MacCharles run a food blog that overflows with curiosity, creativity, and experimentation. It's also where readers can follow reams of recipes, sign up to their cooking classes, and hear about the couples' Home Ec events, which include everything from preserve swapping sessions to the upcoming hot sauce tasting. From A(lmonds) to Z(ucchini), Well Preserved is a well-informed, mildly geeky, and always inspiring online pal to have in the kitchen. Check it out here.

Do you have a favourite food follow on Twitter or Instagram? How about your top food blogs? Tell us in the comments or email Your pick could end up in Follow Friday.