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Did Police Surveillance or Rob Ford Scare Away The Buyers; And More!

Photo via Curbed Toronto

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CRACK LISTINGS— Did Police Surveillance (or Rob Ford) scare away buyers for this Etobicoke bungalow? The house which was invested in connection to the Ford crack video went on the market and then quickly taken off the market. Don't you hate it when you try to sell a house and Rob Ford ruins it for you?

UNION STATION— A high speed train will take passengers from Union Station to Toronto Pearson International Airport in 25 minutes. It's a welcome ride for those who sit in traffic on Highway 401, almost missing their flight. Here's a video showing the progress.

YONGE STREET— Will Tom Cruise approve the new renovations at the Church of Scientology on Yonge Street? The renos to the eight-storey building were supposed to start last year but seems they hit a snag after a permit was refused. Here are the holy details.

LESLIEVILLE— Another arrested development on Eastern Avenue in Leslieville. Retail developer SmartCentres plans to revive an old film studio. There's been plenty of controversy but there's a new plan to build the film complex up by connecting it to a ten-storey office building, several retail buildings, and a hotel.

ON THE MARKET— Curbed Toronto has featured some great real estate listings this week including a multi-unit loft for a cool $2 million dollars, some units in a former CBC building (that might be haunted!), and a Bridle Path mansion with a disco dance party. Also, Toronto FC's Jermain Defoeis coming to the city. Here's some executive rentals he might be interested in.