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New Everything: Bymark Turns It All The Way Up To Eleven

Photo: Bymark/The McEwan Group

Bymark is going deep under the knife. This morning, celebrity-chef and powerhouse restaurateur, Mark McEwan posted on Twitter that his luxury restaurant – nestled in the atrium of Mies Van Der Rohe's TD Towers - is belatedly celebrating its 11th year anniversary with a massive "facelift."

The celebratory overhaul covers just about every corner: Toronto-based Design Republic has already installed a new harvest table, with all new tables in the main dining area coming soon; prized dishes from executive chef Brooke McDougall's kitchen will enjoy a whole new lighting design; and the lounge gets a new swanky Ceasarstone bar with both textured custom leather and ostrich-covered bar stools - as well as three gargantuan televisions.

McEwan and his team have also doubled down on new art. New pieces include an art installation by Emil Alzamora, Albert Watson's photographs of Michael Jackson and Alfred Hitchcock, and Chico's Bialas' portrait of French actor Monica Bellucci. If there's an awkward lull in conversation, the "Bronze Lady, a statue by Emilio Anzola, will help get the night back on track.

Bymark plans to quietly make all the changes over the next month and a half, with everything completed - fingers crossed - by the first week of March. The only closure will be on February 15th to install the new bar.

It all sounds great but Eater just had to ask: Why such an overhaul for an 11th birthday? Is it an upscale ode to (Rob Reiner's faux-documentary) Spinal Tap?

McEwan's response: "Hahahaha, unfortunately not an ode to Spinal Tap, but it was time. The downtown core is changing. New restaurants are opening up all over the place. It was just a modernization of sorts. We did the patio last year and this year we decided to breathe new life into the inside of the restaurant."

New life indeed. If an 11 year-old get this elaborate a facelift, one wonders what kind of enhancements Bymark will get for its sweet sixteen.
· via @Chef_MarkMcEwan


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