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'Pickleback!' At Hopgoods; Bar Buca Is Coming

RONCESVALLESHopgoods Foodliner's drink menu now boasts the 'Pickleback!', which, simply translated, is "a shot of whiskey followed by a shot of pickle brine." It may not sound pretty but the brine mellows the whiskey's burn. [Eaterwire via @coreymintz]

KING WEST – After some delays, Bar Buca will be open in ten days. In the meantime, their Twitter page is actively posting every possible detail diners might want to know. [Eaterwire]

ETOBICOKEStephen Beaumont, renowned beer-scribe and editor of the World of Beer blog, has named Black Oak Brewing Co. "Ontario's Brewery of the Year." Beaumont saluted the veteran beer-makers for taking their "limitless potential" to another level, calling their Nut Brown Ale "a terrific beer, better now than any time previous." [Eaterwire via @barbucatoronto]
[Photo: Andree Lau]