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Rob Ford Crowns a Steak Queen in Broken Patois

Still from Rob Ford Steak Queen video
Still from Rob Ford Steak Queen video
Photo: YouTube

Steak Queen should comp Rob Ford's next meal. The Rexdale fast-food restaurant has enjoyed the disgraced Toronto mayor's patronage in the past, but now a secretly filmed cellphone video, published on Toronto Star's website on Tuesday, has made it a household name around the world. In the video, Ford stands in front of the menu counter and delivers a seemingly drunken, "highly offensive," tirade against anyone who has ever dared to oppose him. And for some reason, he does it all in Jamaican patois.

Kudos to anyone who can get past the 30 second mark, but the question lingers: How IS the food at Steak Queen?

With only a blurry menu to go on, and employees who are too busy serving the mayor to talk to Eater over the phone, the only reachable source is Steak Queen's Yelp page where four reviews average out to three and a half stars. Sounds promising.

Steak Queen regular, Bob T. from Etobicoke, is a fan of the "old-diner feel," all-day breakfast, and beers for $3.25. It doesn't hurt that it's open 24 hours a day and has two televisions. Another long-time patron loves the retro arcade games and "near-perfect chicken or pork souvlaki." But Matthew P. hated his meal and will never return. His one-star review compares the salad dressing to "peanut butter vinaigrette," the rice to overcooked baby food, and the New York sirloin steak was the "hardest thing to swallow."

Haters will hate. But just like Rob Ford, no bad review will stop a Steak Queen fan from returning. Especially if it means an outrageous Rob Ford sighting could be for dessert. If the tirades continue, the restaurant could become the cities' most popular dinner theatre venue of all time.
· Rob Ford admits to drinking after expletive-laden video shows Toronto mayor rambling [Toronto Star]

Have you ever eaten at Steak Queen? Will you go now? Let us know in the comments.

Steak Queen

345 Rexdale Blvd, Etobicoke, ON M9W 1R9, Canada