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Brunch Makeovers; Big Smoke Fest Kickoff

WEST ANNEX - Justin Peroff, Broken Social Scene drummer and DJ, spins tunes at Northwood tonight, giving patrons one more reason to dig BlogTO's number one new bar of 2013. [Eaterwire via @juniorpande]

CITY-WIDE - Toronto Life's Foodie Fortnight has been published and it's clear that the cities' food scene is way too accommodating. Coming up in the next couple of weeks, diners can find half-price ramen or free ramen, check out beer or tea festivals, or get a manicure with brunch and more. [Toronto Life]

ANNEX - Tallboys' 3rd Annual Big Smoke Festival kicks off this weekend at The Garrison and features "the intersection of craft beers and independent music." Tonight's launch party at the Centre For Social Innovation, south of Bloor on Bathurst, is free to the public and features music by Faye Blais, plus a slew of craft beers. [Eaterwire via @tallboysbar]
[Photo: Tallboys/Facebook]