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List of Best New Bars Favours The West End

Photo: Hi-Lo/Facebook

East-end bars need a better publicist. BlogTO's list of best new Toronto bars for 2013 has been published and only two east-enders made the cut. The Danforth's Hi-Lo gets high marks for adding pinball machines and CrackerJacks to the mix of craft beers and "excellent cocktails," while The Wren is celebrated for being "refreshingly casual." But it's the west end that dominates. Northwood takes the top spot for overall vibe and Pharmacy, a former methadone clinic in Parkdale, helmed by the ubiquitous Chris Harper, comes in third for being a "no gimmicks" "cultured dive bar." Overall, the list highlights the cities' invigorated obsession with cocktails, craft beer, and hanging out, and every watering hole deserves a visit. Just don't expect to see much east of the Don Valley.
· The Best New Bars In Toronto, 2013 [BlogTO]
What new bars in the east end, do you think, should have gotten a mention?