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The Society For Beer Drinking Ladies; Best Macaroons

QUEEN WEST - Chef Matt Basile has teamed up with The Culinary Adventure Co. and Cutco to host three evenings of knife classes, good eats, and soup making for charity. Hosted at Basile's Lisa Marie on the final Monday of every month, from January to March, attendees pay $139 for the evening and go home with a selection of Cutco knives. [Eaterwire]

SECRET LOCATION - Calling all craft beer-loving Toronto women. Starting January 31st, The Society of Beer Drinking Ladies will meet on the final Friday of every month, to talk barley pop, meet guest brewers, hold home brewing sessions, and, in general, salute anything that "ales" them. Men are allowed after midnight. RSVP to the inaugural gathering. [Eaterwire via Fat Girl Food Squad]

BLOOR-WEST VILLAGE - Who knew macaroons could be so essential? The Grid has declared "a trip to Bloor West Village is incomplete without a visit to" Bread and Rose's Bakery, mainly because of their "impossibly creamy" and "perfectly chewy" "chocolate-covered peaks." [The Grid]
[Photo: Lisa Marie/Yelp]