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Call It 'Haggis Gone Wild'

Photo: The Healthy Butcher/Yelp

Mario Fiorucci and his team at The Healthy Butcher's Eglinton location have gone a bit doo-lally for haggis. How doo-lally? Today at 3pm, he'll be shooting a video with the working title: At The Healthy Butcher, We Take Our Sausage Seriously: Especially The Mighty Haggis. Seriously guys, this ain't Hollywood but there has to be a snappier title.

The shot list, leaked to Eater, includes the following: a bagpiper will lead Head Butcher Paul Bradshaw and butcher Kevin Garvey carrying some haggis to their delivery van. Cut to: A customer's home, where said procession will bagpipe the haggis to a happy customer. End scene.

Why in the world is this happening? Well, Robbie Burns Day is just around the corner, and his passionate poem, Address To A Haggis, written in 1786, inspired Scotland to make the meal its national dish. Now ever year, Fiorucci gets orders to make "thousands of pounds" of the stuff.

Haggis still has a terrible reputation but those who love the boiled bag of organs love it a lot. And Fiorucci makes it sound pretty good: "We use lamb organs rather substituting with cheaper order meats like beef heart and liver – a practice that is common-place today in the making of haggis."

The haggis video, with the impossibly long title, will be released on Monday. In the meantime, watch how The Healthy Butcher prepares their prized haggis.

Inspired to come up with your own title for the video? Feel free to drop it in the comments section.

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