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Vegan Winterlicious Picks; Don Don's Saké Seminar

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CITY-WIDE - Vegans can Winterlicious too. And a handy list, compiled by the Toronto Vegetarian Association, helps to cut to the heavy veg options at the cities' food dining festival. [Eaterwire via @TorontoVeg]

TV - It's no surprise that a day before The Globe and Mail reported on a deadly pork virus headed to Canada that Ontario Pork, an organization that represents 1600 provincial hog famers, started airing pro-pork commercials on four major television networks. Gaining the public's confidence is critical but will these ads do the job? [Eaterwire via]

DISCOVERY DISTRICT - Don Don Izakaya wants Torontonians to up their saké game. On January 28th, 20 people will have the chance to sip and slam a selection of rice wines, while dining and deepening their knowledge of the historical beverage. More information here. [Eaterwire via @dondon_izakaya]
[Photo: Southern Accent/Yelp]