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Tin Chef Competition; Dine (Not So) Safe

LIBERTY VILLAGE - The inaugural Winterlicious Tin Chef competition, hosted by Mildred's Temple Kitchen, challenges the "aspiring domestic chef" to have their skills judged by three top Toronto chefs in front of a live audience. First step, contestants must shoot a two-minute video on why their skills could pay the bills. Applications must be submitted by January 26th. Details here. [Eaterwire via @mildredstemple]

CITY-WIDE - DineSafe reported no restaurant closures this week, but seven squeaked by with conditional passes, citing employees' failure to wash their hands, and even more troubling, failing to ensure that kitchen food isn't contaminated. Check here for the full list. [BlogTO]

YORKVILLE - Need a refresher in wielding a blade? The Cookbook Store has just announced its next Knife Skills Class will be held on Monday, February 3rd, from 7-9pm. The session costs $25. Call (416) 920-2665 to register. [Eaterwire via @cookbookshop]
[Photo: Taste of China/Yelp]