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Celebrate Australia Day; Yorkville Gets New Café

CITY-WIDE - January 26th is many things and Australia Day is one of them. Leading up, a month-long Australian love fest has been rolling out at local restaurants across the city and at the LCBO. Even El Gastrónomo Vagabundo, the St. Catherines-based food truck, is getting in on the action with its Zagat-approved spicy Kangaroo Loin. [Newswire]

THE JUNCTION – Due to a "massive plumbing issue," Boo Radley's Junction Bar and Grill is closed until further notice. Owners of the popular local pub, Michael Flaxman and Shelly Ashbury, expect to be open in a few days. [Eaterwire via @jtriangle]

YORKVILLEBrü, a new café serving Odile Chocolat, is on its way to the tony Yorkville stretch. [Eaterwire via @DelectablyChic]
[Photo: @DelectablyChic]