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Menchella's; Pizzeria Libretto; Python Pizza

THE ANNEX - Bloor Street's Pizzaiolo has been shuttered, though a sign in the window says that it will be re-branded as Menchella's Gourmet Pizza. The notice reassures customers "not to worry, it will remain the same owners and authentic pizza pies." Until the location gets back up-and-running, pie enthusiasts are redirected to Menchella's Oakville location. [Eaterwire]

OSSINGTON - Pizzeria Libretto wants to relieve Toronto of its Monday blues: Lunch now begins at 11:30am. [via @PizzaLibretto]

FLORIDA - Disagreements around pizza toppings have ended relationships. Evan's Neighbourhood Pizza, a shop in southwest Florida, has upped the stakes with its Everglades pizza, which includes python, frog, alligator, and swamp cabbage. The locally-sourced 'za, $45 for a 14 inch, has been "surprisingly popular." Owner Evan Daniell hopes to follow it up with a "roadkill" pizza, but is having a hard time finding a supplier for "raccoon, armadillo, and possum." [Toronto Sun]
[Photo:Menchella's Gourmet Pizza/Facebook]

Pizzeria Libretto

550 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, ON M4K 1P7