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Space For Vegan Chefs; Bin End Mondays

BRIAR HILL - Chef Doug McNish has space in his Public Kitchen for commercial producers of vegan and gluten-free food products. Dubbed a "vegan food incubator," business development advice, convection ovens, and moral support are all part of the package deal. [Eaterwire via @DougMcNish]

CITY-WIDE - Jack Astor's Winter Fling enters its final week today. Pair craft beers from across the country with a comfort food menu guaranteed to heat up the coldest of hearts. Toronto Is Awesome thinks it's awesome. [Toronto Is Awesome]

YORKVILLE + QUEEN WEST - Café Boulud, Chef Daniel Boulud's high-end eatery at the Four Seasons Hotel, introduces Bin End Mondays, a half price special off all its bin-end wines. Across town, they also join The Drake Hotel for a Surprise 86'd tonight at 8pm. Fernet Branca will flow with snacks from Neal Brothers. [Eaterwire via @CafeBouludTO]
[Photo: Jack Astor's Official Website]