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Bar Salumi Closed, Will Become a New Lunch Spot

Local Kitchen & Wine Bar owner Michael Sangregorio tweeted that Bar Salumi served its last customers on September 21. The Parkdale location will be taken over by one of their cooks, and will become a lunch spot. This is great news for a west end hood in dire need of more lunch options, although sad news for Bar Salumi fans.

Bar Salumi began its days as a holding pen for hungry Local Kitchen patrons awaiting a table, much like the early days of Cocktail Bar and its Black Hoofians. Despite its relative sidecar start, Bar Salumi became a destination of its own, famous for its wood-fired oven pizzas, the scent of which lures dienrs in from Queen Street.

Sangregorio also tweeted that he and co-owner Fabio Bondi are going to be expanding the Local Kitchen brand. Hopefully that means another location to open up (prediction: Leslieville) in the near future.

Stay tuned for more updates on both Local's expansion and Bar Salumi' replacement.

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Bar Salumi

1704 Queen Street West Toronto ON