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Kultura Becomes Spanish/Mexican Olé Olé


On September 15, King Street East's stylish Kultura officially opened as Olé Olé Restaurant & Tequila Wine Bar. With three floors and four dining rooms, this half-Spanish half-Mexican continues Kultura's fusion theme and sets out to bring "two of the hottest cuisines in the world" to Toronto. Tequila being the city's current favourite spirit and the T.O. taco trend clearly not over, Olé Olé is the latest in a series of restaurants set to further the Latin appeal.

Olé Olé takes over where Kultura left off; one of three owners is from Kultura (Hanif Hanji was one), but the others are new. The evolved restaurant has been advertised on Kultura's website and in their windows as "the amazing taste of Mexico and Spain."

For the past three years, Kultura billed itself as a "social dining" locale, focusing on tapas that "take diners on an endlessly inventive and inspired world tour." With global fusion cuisine ranging from Spanish and Mexican, to Italian and Mediterranean, to Asian, to European and French ... perhaps Olé Olé is an attempt to streamline the kitchen and narrow its culinary focus?

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Olé Olé Restaurant & Tequila Wine Bar

169 King Street East Toronto ON