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Drake One Fifty Opening September 28

[Drake One Fifty Facebook Page]
According to staff, the doors of Drake One Fifty will be opening September 28. Signs are up on the Drake Hotel's York & Adelaide outpost, but since their launch was supposed to happen in "Summer 2013," only time will tell if Drake 2.0 meets this new target.

Drake One Fifty is basically the Drake Hotel without beds, and plans to offer the same creative focus on food, drink and art in the Financial District that the Queen West location's famous for. Chef Ted Corrado is creating unique menu items especially for the downtown crowd, paired with "an award-winning cocktail program, premium draught beers and a carefully curated wine list."

Expect there to also be staples from the original kitchen ... after all, the Drake's had a decade to perfect those.

T- minus 10 days until launch! Stay tuned for updates.

· Drake One Fifty Facebook Page
· The Drake Hotel

Drake Hotel

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